Saturday, October 17, 2015

Reflection#3: Beauty, to love the way I look

We all know that real beauty comes from within. But, my actions don't reflect this. I wonder if I am brave enough to live with this inner definition. I've heard about my appearance from beloved and others. They've asked me why I don't buy make-up products, care for my looking and even lose weight. I'm definitely okay when people let me alone. It sounds like torture. I've never heard that I'm slimmed and tall. They sometimes judge me as lazy one becuase I don't look like who they watch on the TV and act like whom they say "Beautiful" to. I'm really okay with how I look. Most of women have their own beauty, wisdom, compassion and genius. Sometime I have a small amount meal feeling not good. But no more diet for skinny body. I try to feel perfect in every way.

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