Sunday, October 18, 2015

Reflection#2: A scandal in the motor industry: Dirty

It's really hard for Volkswagen to apologize for an emission-rigging. I'm a Kia car owner, but the scandal might seem to affect all car owners including me. I've heard some Volkswagen owners entered a joint lawsuit against the company. The company must guarantees even the price that they will get for their used car. Several years ago, Volkswagen Golf was a big hit in Korea, and I have an interest to that foreign car due to good price (compared to Korean cars) and better quaility. But now, it seemed like falsification. Clean diesel sounds like a con. I hope Volkswagen follows the procedure for apologizing the sellers all over the globe first and that is a very commonsensible solution to help treat this issue. I hope Vokswagen will be highly reputed again.

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