Sunday, January 5, 2014

Assignment : The Five day Challenge(What are you grateful for?)

Nora is back to BUFS! 2013 was a more amazing year than expected. I chose the 5  best- moment pictures of the year 2013!

No.1) I started to workout again, I was worrying that I couldn't keep up with the schedule and the workout called 'crossfit' was challenging for me because all the programs was related to improving muscle functions and I should exercise with boys. But it worked and I can enjoy the workout now. I feel much better physically and mentally now!

No.2) What is it? It is a veggie meal! I'm now a used-to-be vegetarian, but I really enjoy healthy veggie food! After the annual health checkup and veggie cook lesson, I decided to be a veggie. It was possible because I could find a variety of food options in the states and I had veggie meals a lot thanks to the American host families. 
No.3)  I was @ Chicago. I was very lucky to have met very humble Korean American family when I was in college. I decided to meet the family again before moving to America. Even though I was in CA, I had a long thanksgiving break during the practicum. I doubt I will forget that moment that Mr. Kim ran and found me, when I arrived at the airport in Chicago. It was 8 long years gap. but those family never forgot me. Thanks so much.

No.4) I was the last Busan teacher who tried to join this 3+3 program. In late May 2013, all of the sudden I made up my mind to join this program. It looked too risky because I didn't have enough time to prepare to wrap up all my works. but I did! and I had a really good time in Riverside and Temecula. Can you imagine that Non English-native teacher gave a lesson for critical writing to American Students in English? It was AWESOME!

No.5) It was really grateful for me to have a great time with Gardner Middle schooler. One of the most inspiring moments was that this COFFEE BOY gave me a thanks letter. I don't know exactly who he is actually. Every day during the practicum, I had a free brewed coffee. It was so nice and I wanted to donate the coffee bean. I just put the coffee bean near the coffee machine and left one note for thanks 2 days before I left. The last practicum day, one cute boy,  his special teacher and TA came to me and gave me a thanks letter. I started to cry. 

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