Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Temecula Gardner School life-11/15/13 (Friday)

I was in charge of English books reading sponsored by Busan Education office in my middle school at the beginning of this year. In the work in my school I was distressed by how time in my school and many English classes is so very inefficiently organized. Most English teachers have little think in such matter and Such English works seem less effective for students to improve English ability. Teaching reading workshops were not enough for Korean students. Why do I talk about it now? I figure out how different Korean reading classes and American reading classes were in this practicum. We have different focuses.
I cannot say that which one is good or bad. Meeting our own standards is the responsibility of all curriculum areas. The evidence indicates that good planning for reading and writing to Korean students may be necessary. Some Korean students want to be able to speak English with a high degree of accuracy yet still do not read fluently- English native-like speaking has a negative impact on English improving. I want students to read English BOOKS without English speaking sounding like a native speaker. Pronunciation doesn’t matter in American classes. I figured out some students who have lived in the states since they was born in the states have their family’s unique pronunciation and intonation. They don’t care and they don’t have any problem with understanding what American people say to them. Reading is very important. Everywhere in my school, Kids enjoy reading books. Kids need to read a lot to become proficient readers. Korean students need books in their hands that they can read accurately and fluently and that are of interested to them. I hope to help my students become thoughtfully literate after I come back to school. Reading books is very natural for my students.

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