Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Temecula Gardner School life-11/14/13 (Thursday)

Life is short, What am I talking about it? What’s on your bucket list? The older and the wiser highly recommend travels that cam make our lives happier. Before I came here, people around me including other formal training teachers said that when it comes to our American life, they said they just do what you want to do or why you need to do. ‘you can feel it and see it everywhere you can go.’ I couldn’t say that was possible to me. It seemed to matter more that I would have improved my teaching quality.
After having travels every last weekend, I didn’t get my speed up. Sometimes my mind got overloaded. I was running so fast. I was always pushing for myself against feeling retarding. I always felt myself behind other people. Seize the day. do your best in this moment. Those sentences are very good meaning to me. Someone in Korea asks me where you will go next weekend. I can deserve this changing. 

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