Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Temecula Gardner School life-11/12/13 (Tuesday)

What do you think about teaching improving? The best way to teach is to experience teaching. Whether the lesson is academic or ethical, there is no other activity that so clarifies one's thoughts. Through questions, misunderstandings, and occasional challenges, students reacquaint us with uncertainty and doubt. I’m an experienced teacher and I’m forced to reconsider all what I know and what we reckon is not true. Needless to say my second experiences with covering classes for American classes, they produced greater achievement gains for me consistently. Struggling teachers like me need appropriate, better teaching instructions. I’m collecting teaching materials.
Being an effective teacher has a lot to do with adaptation. I had three choices when I came here to Gardner Middle School. The first one is just observing. In this case, I just learned about some methods in English. Not bad. The second one is letting students here know about Korean cultures. I already demonstrated about it. Last one was making regular classes for those kids. I would be offered a choice of them most korean training teachers could regularly received at their first day of this practicum. I chose the last one and after then, there were concerns a lot that needs preparing.
Yes. I could afford to provide this ‘graphic organizer’ lesson with a few materials I had. Finding some better materials may have been as easy as I did teach in Korea. Some students followed what I taught and others coudln’t do well. After all finishing, I didn’t feel good. I should’ve prepared more and more. Following those kinds of failure, I strongly believe that I benefit greatly from the progress works.

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